Xopus 4.2.4

This release fixes a few recently reported issues and adds a few minor features.

New Features

  • Added a message to the Reproducer dialog to encourage people to fill in an email address, since we can't help the people that chose to stay anonymous. (Case 263655)

  • Evaluation licenses will now show an evaluation banner in Xopus. (Case 186499)

  • Added role symbol to add to inline elements without text content so that they will be deleted when using backspace or delete. This is an opposite role to inline-object. Ctrl+Backspace can be used to delete inline-objects. (Case 381780)

  • Implemented Editor.getUILanguage as a proper counterpart to Editor.setUILangue. (Case 361016)

  • Xopus now has very basic support for a custom panel. Please contact us if you want to play with it. You can open it using Editor.getScope().set("showCustomPanel", true); or via the ShowCustomPanelCommand. (Case 372775)

  • Xopus will now read the prefix of attributes and elements in namespaces that were not already in the document and use this prefix to declare the namespace in the XML document. These namespace declarations will be saved with the document. This is also a solution for Case 308903 about DITA documents being saved with an "a" as namespace prefix rather than "ditaarch" for the DitaArchVersion attribute which has a default value. (Case 189226)


  • Several memory leaks related to reloading Xopus were fixed. (Case 360768)

  • Xopus should clean out self-created namespace declarations on the XML document. For a solution see Case 189226 (Case 308903)

  • Fixed ordering of sorted changes by position when multiple changes were present in the same element. (Case 193952)

  • Changetracking sorting buttons now point the right way. (Case 308951)

  • The Changetracking panel and Find and Replace panel will now remain open throughout editing sessions. Users need to close them as they opened them. (Case 308954)

  • Xopus will now show banners if the license is invalid or if the license is an evaluation license. When developing with debugMode Xopus will also show a banner. (Case 318851)

  • (Re-)enabled selectNodes and selectSingleNode for native DOM objects in Firefox. (Case 360794)

  • Role linebreak now receives role symbol to allow linebreaks to be deleted when using backspace or delete. Fixed an issue with inserting linebreaks. (Case 360810)

  • Fixed an issue with pasting elements in a changetracking environment. (Case 562639)

  • Fixed an issue with pasting DITA content. (Case 577263)

Xopus 4.2.4

Release date: 2011-07-01

Revision: 13970